We'll look at moving on the market is not good

&Nbsp;   We moved from market analysis, present some moving companies have neither industry organization, there is no industry standard. Moving company is also a lot of irregularities, self-discipline, impossible to discuss. No industry group, no industry norms. Services and charges the lack of uniform standards. Agreed to at a time, or stop increases damage things away.
&Nbsp;   We say housewarming Joe is happy and cheerful, for which there are a lot of people select a moving company. And then after some people choose a moving company, rather than enjoy the cheap, but also their own causing unnecessary trouble.
&Nbsp;   moving company charges are not uncommon. Why, we found most of the moving residents just contact moving company by phone, the two sides agreed to move and move address, general fees. But after this business of moving companies in the next before considering moving away, floor height, Hu charges.
&Nbsp;   people who remind you of moving companies, members of the public in the move before it is best to stick labels, moving company workers confirmed that damage to itself well, valuables or personal items to take care of their own, items in the inventory in a timely manner when they moved into the new House. Both sides signed an agreement, customer is given the best consumer list, and list of moving companies charge, both sides say those charges, what items are free of charge, to avoid conflict.
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