We take a look at net new applications of new technologies

&Nbsp;   I think cell phones Chinese application of new technology of the Internet, is a Chinese mobile phone for the Chinese high speed Internet access and provide basic services. Chinese solid core of this new technology to mobile phones, global server support, as well as cooperation opportunities for large Web sites, formed a mobile Internet fast, direct and convenient services to help Internet users accurate, needed for direct access to the mobile Web, content and services, but also for enterprises to access new areas in the 3G era.
&Nbsp;   If you wants to understand more moved information, you can any entered moved company, moved company, moved, Chaoyang moved, these phone real name Chinese of which a, on can direct moved company of website, view now company website, or introduced, service project, charges standard, team show, long-distance moved,, also can through phone Internet straight call, directly get corresponding of moved service.
&Nbsp;   We know that real-name registered mobile phone Chinese businesses and enterprises, there are three cases stand out, one is business, using Chinese cell phone real name to direct customers to your business website, significantly expanding its business in the mobile Internet. Other operations-type, or category marketing direct industry portal platform, supplied to the relevant business information or advertising, receive substantial benefits.
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