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&Nbsp;   We'll all move, the company said China's move online, move networks in China are certified normal moving company. But from the moving company's current industry development from scratch, successfully scale from the beginning to the present. Can be said to have a certain scale. But moving the market I think they've got to strengthen and improve the management of
&Nbsp;   look at the moving company has a large market, and promising prospects, we feel the responsibility of moving companies and significant, the number one hero of the us not only to be a good move, we'll be OK as a good leading role, we also support the urban transport and the home population movements, material transfer service transformation.
&Nbsp;   single moving company from the past into today's multi-functional, more formal professional moving companies, overseas professional moving system, combining the characteristics of international moving, moving moving industry into a world-class service industry.
&Nbsp;   I am sure that in the near future, the moving industry is sure to be one of the professional international moving companies, we will have to wait.
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