Mysterious mother moved her daughter to follow to find

&Nbsp;   looking at the empty room, I was disappointed for a long time. This is the first time we are apart, I went home and did not see his mother figure, nor a letter correspondence. I don't know where she went, like when I was young, she is still mysterious.
&Nbsp;   I don't know where she got the furniture gone, I do not know is how long it took to carry so many things. According to the mother's character, likely a little bit of spare time on my own connection handling in assembled.
&Nbsp;   I knock on doors of neighbors, neighbors told me that mothers a week before your move, furniture moving companies away. Others do not know anything! I made the moving company's calls, the result is furniture into the secondary market.
&Nbsp;   mother's eccentric personality always gives me a headache, I quickly rushed to the secondary market, just hope the furniture will not be sold. Seems to me it is quite timely, and see the furniture was still there, but has been covered with dust. Mother I don't know is how much it cost to sell them, I think I took at least 3 times the price to get them. Again call the moving company, I hand the keys over to them, have their own bring things up, or no employer can do!
&Nbsp;   I found hourly workers, looking Pack this place like home, I laughed, and continued onto the path of I in search of our mothers!
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