We need to calm down on impulse to solve problems

&Nbsp;   I remember movers and impulses for security cases as mentioned in previous articles have, but now I think about it. Chaoyang District when the incident lie live black drivers expressed about it, it seems quite different from neighbors saying. But black driver said, security was inside his hand sticks and bricks.
&Nbsp;   Wang recalled the scene at that time said to us, the moving company employee was knocked to the ground by security, location of bleeding after cerebral, but security still depend on him. After a few minutes, hitting security has four people left the scene, and two people were residents, who come up, handed over to the police. Subsequently, three been moving company workers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.
&Nbsp;   that afternoon, we interviewed on the matter of tiantongyuan security group captain, he said to us, the moving company vehicles are ready out of the community, in accordance with the provisions of our property management, the moving company vehicles in case the community is the need to provide proof of service offered. This time moving company employee has contact with the security.
&Nbsp;   due to the moving company truck was at the door of our community, impeding traffic, we have to let the moving company's vehicles went out, we had to let the moving company's vehicles through parking fees are open to community waiting at the gate. In accordance with the relevant provisions, the moving company vehicles drove into the district should pay parking fees, residential moving company driver security thinking when it comes to money, moving companies prefer not to pay.
&Nbsp;   moving company employees then physical contact to the community security, and later fought on both sides. Sticks and bricks on the residents say, security captain is not very clear.
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