Mr Liu helped a friend move put her into hospital

&Nbsp;   when we asked Mr Liu, Mr Liu has been in the hospital. On August 20 that day, he went to a friend's House for help moving. At lunch time, Mr LAU's friends in order to thank you for your help, beer, and liquor out to entertain. Bad liquor of Liu, in order to take account of face, bite the bullet and had to drink the wine. Liu doesn't remember how much drinking cup.
&Nbsp;   on the afternoon of that day, heavy drinking Corona Liu, when dealing with a piece of wire, wine, and bench as shadow, a feet trample empty, fell down from upstairs. And inability to friends is a scream, and ran out, but found that Liu has been lying on the ground, holding his leg was very painful, friends this is called beg urgently call, Liu rushed to hospital for medical treatment.
&Nbsp;   the hospital doctor, Mr Liu temporarily not life-threatening, broken left leg, multiple soft tissue injury. Need hospital treatment, the doctor's diagnosis, Liu said, I helped a friend move and put her into the hospital.
&Nbsp;   the news told us not too much alcohol on any occasion, reminded drivers to drive, drink don't drive, don't drink driving. A small amount of alcohol to you or others is a responsibility.
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