Reveal some moving companies are not formal charges

&Nbsp;   said some of the moving company charges, shill, even some irregular movers began his calculation, carried very high handling costs. Today I'd like to reveal some moving companies without formal charges.
&Nbsp;   moving company and models are not the same as the number of cars, hired fewer cars to the car, or hire cart fees, if consumers do not agree, the moving company will be asked to pay hefty fees.
&Nbsp;   also charges under various reasons, for example, consumers increased a small amount of moving goods or when handling long distance walk began halfway through fare increases, began charging.
&Nbsp;   some moving companies handling false phenomenon, had booked a car valuation, we undertake at a low price, the result is arbitrarily placed pieces of furniture taking a car, pointed out that consumers carry a vehicle, or the items are too heavy, too many things, to increase their fares.
&Nbsp;   at a low price to undertake, but items have not arrived, said the offer only fare wages subject to calculation, informal moving companies are coming in this way.
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