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&Nbsp;   people all over the Chinese new year Spring Festival at home yet, I'm coming with Baoding to find housing, one day, two days, three days ... ... Almost every morning to go out, the evening walk in the door, not a decent meal, braved cold, really cold to me! Played with just washed hair these days. Very easily found but no one we share, followed by post for rent all over inspiration, our side Welt, he says "yesterday around the House, around looking for someone today."
&Nbsp;   big smile we misbehave on the road! Just posted no length of time the phone rang, pushed one by one, how are lovers! As long as the couple turned down as a whole. Today some room to move! The pain emerged again last year. If you can't find a moving company so nice! Moved: that's not something? Less, but I still can't do the boys run times are too heavy to carry, carrying much less run a few times, though not far away but then on the third floor, third floor, legs were soft. Move both single last year, prior thinking it would nice to have a boyfriend! In previous years, we summarized the who rather than rely on their own! I start with cold and hunger. Moved always moved to at 10 o'clock in the morning at five o'clock in the afternoon, of course ends with labor, says labor indirectly say, also locks the keys outside. Finally moving out, we are paralyzed. Soft all over, sweat everywhere! Looking at living room with bedroom I convinced these goods, how to move? Lie on the bed sore at night, thinking what friends say, he says he gets a heart lies is not moved. Pui Pui's happy to have friends. What about me? Are the people! Could not sleep now! He is at work, a busy time, only notify me. Must clear before moving moving company any good.
&Nbsp;   pain! Ability to write the log to sleep. Originally thought to write the log to sleep, but still can not sleep, now two hours four days and clear, but I can not sleep! So I went on to write this post. Haven't slept all night to write this blog, no more stepped on a few times we can be unsympathetic? White?
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