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&Nbsp;   comprehensive grasp of business and interpersonal relationships in a variety of business etiquette, to shape a good professional image and image of enterprises, institutions, customers at the end of goodwill. Stand out in the competition. 2.1.2 moving company the principles of etiquette etiquette principles of logistics enterprises such as: (I) Catholic doctrine that when people communication etiquette. As well as self-discipline. More lenient. Understanding tolerance foot said bravely. Volume of air. Does not care and does not pursue. Its body is a mind, a hold consciousness and self-control. (Z) to respect the principle that people in ill intercourse, to respect people's heart remains. Not fail in people everywhere, not hurt the dignity of the individual, history cannot be insulting the other's personality. Respect is respect for others. Including respect for themselves, uphold the image of individuals and organizations. Newspaper is not selfish. It is personality issues.
&Nbsp;   (3) moving company principle which is the basis and the starting point of etiquette. Learning, application protocol. The most important thing is to self, self discipline, self control. Self-reflection, I checked. Since Tianjin is self-restraint. According to the etiquette set strict demands on themselves. Know what to do, what not to do. (4) to comply with principles in entertainment, participant must be conscious. I'1 would like to comply with etiquette, etiquette to regulate their own behavior in the communication activities. Adhere to the principles is jimu demands on actors, reflect more personality qualities of wood. Comply with etiquette. Respect to block others. Ensure that communication activities to achieve the expected goals. (5) Note to appropriately apply the principles of etiquette to grasp a sense of propriety, earnest and decent. Moderate is to grasp a sense of propriety. Etiquette is a program requirement. While the program itself is a kind of "degree". Etiquette is to show respect and enthusiasm are a "degree, problems. No "degree". Salute may enter errors.
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