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Before moving in Beijing series fitting considerations

&Nbsp;   Beijing the outsiders "occupation" of the city, walking in the street rarely come across a "fellow". In such a "strange" city, whether it is moving, or decorated to be careful (even though you also have to be careful not to mention is in different places in my hometown). So before I move in Beijing, housing decoration, we should pay attention to what issues?
&Nbsp;   before they moved the decoration "counterpart decoration company"
&Nbsp;   decoration team, whether large corporations, small companies, and more importantly their economic capacity. Don't wait until it is moving stay, also owes a debt, it would have been bad.
&Nbsp;   choice of decoration companies, first consider their economic capacity to select one with its own actual situation, bearing capacity.
&Nbsp;   large companies spend a lot of money, small companies can spend a penny, as the owner must be affordable, owners may not have a clear budget, many owners want is a brand. There are a lot of owners are more concerned about what's the most practical thing. Owner to select construction team when you choose, the company, to design, to foreman, workers watch, this is what we call the "chicken thieves" you to be specific on each worker action. New House, don't worry, and you can see more, and this is one way. For designers, but this was particularly reluctant, because the owners always see the partial, and would like to apply to your local home design in the past.
&Nbsp;   choose the decoration company, there are so few channels. One, directly to the market, entered the market certainly was away. You can chat with these companies, actually, I think the quality and the size doesn't matter. When choosing a decoration company, you want to see more, know more, you can look at the application of engineering and the application of projects to show the management level of the company, technology. By conducting such a study, do not live and anxious today took the key, tomorrow, and will live a month later. First you need to determine how much money to spend to hold, taking into account affordability.
&Nbsp;   the reliability of the company's biggest benefit is the so-called good, later secured, construction teams, later not safeguarded. Find a suitable team for their own material, is the best choice.
&Nbsp;   move staying at home is a happy thing, don't wait to have moved there are owe workers money, such spread is not good, you feel bad about yourself.
&Nbsp;   before they moved repair "shop around"
&Nbsp;   watch bought houses to live, how to decorate a move before staying at home one of the biggest difficulties.
&Nbsp;   new home should be renovated, where to start? Decoration is a very big problem, all new owners is a newcomer in this field, how to start, the problem is quite puzzling. The most basic, it should be more, ask more, to go on the market, shop around.
&Nbsp;   repair before learning repair knowledge
&Nbsp;   teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish, the same way, for their fitting more secure, the landlord will need to study more. In practice, when a little more "chicken thieves".
&Nbsp;   select building materials, furniture, "shop around"
&Nbsp;   want to go a few more building material of building materials, furniture, building materials supermarkets, furniture stores, the same building material, furniture brands, different how are sold at point of sale. Conditional go online and see how their reputation.
&Nbsp;   selection of fitter "shop around"
&Nbsp;   for decoration, to read several sites. Don't start, it would be finished in the neighborhood, you see. Well done team, even good workers can be left to their own work.
&Nbsp;   do not want to move early staying at home, and it has hastily renovated. Whatever the selection of building materials, furniture or decorating workers should "shop around".
&Nbsp;   before moving  
&Nbsp;   people in pursuit of a house style, and ignore the true function of the room. After moving rooms at the feel is not what you want, the previous style is very good, but did not realize the function of the room is, what does it use?
&Nbsp;   and designers meet before the renovation
&Nbsp;   decorated first intervention must be designed, we have put forward their demands, with the designer touch, let the designers considered during the design process we need to function, understanding the habits, hobbies and other information, convenient designer's process function better with the style to combine.
&Nbsp;   design, consider the function and then the style
&Nbsp;   because the design is not just a drawing of the design, the concept may be local. Greater is the design needs of living things. Best to have a drawing, or have a design program of space, features a split. Finally, respect the space and respect for the function, the third is the style of decoration.
&Nbsp;   how do we decorate imagined before later functions that are needed in everyday life, there is a way, draw floor plan out which room do, clearly defined direction. Then settle down to, stay in the space, think about it, I want to here what, over there what to do, imagine what life looks like, you know what it takes.
&Nbsp;   some owners when renovating, don't care what most owners initially considered, and style; some owners are very real, very clear, very clear considerations, how in the limited space in a better and more rational use.
&Nbsp;   links to
&Nbsp;   decorated rooms before the move is particularly important before we decorated for the design of the House. In my opinion considering achieving is the main piece, and house style in a secondary location, housing is, after all, used to live. In the case of functions, the overall style of the design should also not be ignored.
&Nbsp;   before they moved the decoration of "overdraft"
&Nbsp;   urban population, many people are owed the renovation costs, move rooms at the new House. Mainly due to renovation of the overdraft is not taken into account.
&Nbsp;   decoration cost overruns, is a majority of the owners are unable to avoid problems. In the renovation process to produce an additional item, most of the time, overrun was caused by the owner. Overruns: how Super?
&Nbsp;   like today I saw this brick is good he wanted to square our Jia decorated one, 40, 50, has been very good, so, piece by piece and finally over a lot. In addition, such as water and electricity reform the mark, decoration company said that actually happens, what happened?
&Nbsp;  , as the landlord, what functionality I need, I need how to use issues such as that owners should be careful consideration before they sign a contract. Spend some time, sit you down in the House, think about your own life, you know the socket where it, don't listen to the renovation team to tell you here, and loaded. Because only you, know what you really need.
&Nbsp;   some owners say, by what shall I know how to put this? I'm not a design. Of course, if you find a good designer, he was responsible, and be familiar with your life, or by knowing, he can become familiar with your life, then he can also help you do this, you do not need your own to worry about.
&Nbsp;   some owners say, why should I consider these issues?
&Nbsp;   in fact, a decoration team is not an easy thing, in order to save money for yourself, you have to consider some more.
&Nbsp;   decoration before moving the "furniture and decoration"
&Nbsp;   many families moved in after the stay, also want to place furniture in a room, but it did not take into account this factor in due to renovation, fit or do not meet the room style. Well, actually, in the decoration should be, make sure the furniture more decoration.
&Nbsp;   first, based on their size to select the right furniture.
&Nbsp;   determine placement of furniture and furniture sets the tone and style of the decoration of the House.
&Nbsp;   then, determine placement of furniture based on go the node.
&Nbsp;   that is determine what areas need outlets, where you can tap, are required. Decide on a node, hydroelectric renovation budget is more reliable, and avoids most of the hydropower reform crazy overrun problem in the decoration.
&Nbsp;   subsequently, determine whether floor flooring or tile.
&Nbsp;   This is primarily selected according to their preferences. I prefer the bedroom floor, tiled living room the kitchen practices. But it needs to be the bedroom floor pad. Because the tiles when tiling the ground up to 35-40mm. Floor (except wood) the height of only 8 to 12mm, there is a gap between the two, resulting in living and sleeping rough ground, so be on the bedroom floor leveling mud mortar in order to spread the floor form a consistent height. If it is a solid wood floor, there is no cushion. Solid wood floor need to keel, also promoted a certain degree
&Nbsp;   then is to determine the function of other functional areas.
&Nbsp;   step by step down, within the budgetary constraints in the realization of utility maximization.
&Nbsp;   in this way, after check in you move can make your sorrow to a minimum.
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