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After moving a number of "potential" must be careful

&Nbsp;   moved to the new House is a very happy thing, but happy at the same time, there are many negative health factors.
&Nbsp;   beware of risk after moving "sinusitis"
&Nbsp;   move before staying at home must pay attention to the handling of toxic substances. After the new home renovation, many poor quality decoration material contains excessive formaldehyde and other harmful substances, permanent residence, and in paints, coatings and adhesives used in the decoration of formaldehyde, benzene and other sources of danger to human life.
&Nbsp;   happy to move rooms at the new House, soon found that families are suffering from sinusitis. Culprit decorative contaminants.
&Nbsp;   Han bought a House last year, the renovation work was completed this year, three of Mr Han moved into. When I first started moving rooms at, Mr Han always smelled a pungent odour, he thought the new home will be a bit more or less pungent smell, live a long time getting used to it. But recently found that three all suffered from sinusitis. Mr Han chagrin he was less than 3 years old, children are suffering from severe sinusitis.
&Nbsp;   after moving to develop "sinusitis" do?
&Nbsp;   treatment:
&Nbsp;   non-surgical therapy if the patient in choosing between therapies, can say that the vast majority of patients will choose non-surgical methods. Non-surgical treatments are mainly as follows:
&Nbsp;   (1) oral: oral antibiotics should be based on bacteria culture and drug sensitive test, medication time is 4-6 week. Commonly used drugs include amoxicillin, azithromycin erythromycin, cephalosporins, cefuroxime new, tailite, etc. If associated with allergies, can also take some allergy medications, such as: open ruitan, saitezan, chlorpheniramine, and so on. Some proprietary Chinese medicines in the treatment of chronic sinusitis and good results, such as bidouyan oral and bi Yuan Shu will be in line with antibiotics.
&Nbsp;   (2) positive and negative pressure displacement method: for chronic sinusitis all territories, is a simple and effective method. Therapy, a nurse makes the patient supine on the couch, a small pillow under shoulder pads and head back down. 1%*** first to fully shrink nasal saline drip nasal cavity, open the sinuses, and insert the suction tube add-an olive head side of the nostrils, pinch the nostrils, switch on the suction unit and instruct client to break issue "open open open-..." sounds, pus in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses are sucked out, negative pressure within the sinus. Then antibiotics human nasal drops, liquid will enter the sinuses. Repeat several times, pus inside nose and paranasal Sinuses drain and replacement solution and achieve the goal of treatment. 1 times a day, the 10th treatment.
&Nbsp;   (3) puncture and irrigation of maxillary sinus: using a special needle from the nasal passages into the maxillary sinus, pulled out after pus, with normal saline flush to drain pus and then injection of antibiotic drugs. This method is only suitable for Maxillary Sinusitis.
&Nbsp;   system by non-surgical therapy surgical therapy if adults 8 weeks of treatment (12 weeks for children) above, the condition does not improve or CT show irreversible lesions in nasal cavity and sinus, consider surgical therapy.
&Nbsp;   routine preoperative CT paranasal sinus radiography can clearly show the leukodystrophies which sinus, sinus is not blocked, nasal structure is abnormal, and so on. Combined with changes in medical history, examination and sinus CT, Rhinology physicians will decide whether the patient needs surgery.
&Nbsp;   endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery has now been adopted by the Rhinologist. By means of an endoscope, physicians may have surgery under direct vision so as to remove diseased tissue, retain the normal structure purposes.
&Nbsp;   moving, be careful "Jack Bauer" visit
&Nbsp;   had just moved to a new home, but where's the "cockroach"?
&Nbsp;   after I moved, I believe that most people are good clean new home, and then moved away from the residence of reset, placed in new homes. Note that you ignored the point, clean your new home and forget the old furniture in the "parasite". In fact, when you move, be sure to clear hidden in old furniture, clothes, books and boxes, cockroaches and their eggs in a wooden sheath, otherwise, the new House will soon have a cockroach.
&Nbsp;   cockroach people harm and treatment methods are as follows:
&Nbsp;   cockroaches have been shown to carry some 40-50 species of vertebrate animal pathogenic bacteria, such as Shigella, Escherichia coli, Yersinia pestis, etc, can cause food poisoning, hepatitis, polio, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other disease-causing bacteria. It is a variety of intermediate hosts of the parasite, which can carry roundworm, duodenal hook worms, beef tapeworm, burning many worm eggs such as worms, trichuris trichiura, also carries a variety of protozoans, of which there are four pathogenic to humans or animals, such as dysentery Amoeba.
&Nbsp;   2, clear the cockroach Habitat
&Nbsp;   regular hygienic cleaning, garbage and discarded debris, look for roaches and egg sheath, and burned it; the night of food should be placed in the refrigerator or sealed to protect; close the tap, indoor dry also apply Putty to put "three cracks" (doors, walls crack, Windows), through a variety of holes.
&Nbsp;   3, dead cockroaches method
&Nbsp;   cockroach corpses and egg sheath should be focused on burning.
&Nbsp;   treatment of cockroaches after moving to attention, otherwise will cause even more damage.
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