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After moving to know that some experiences

&Nbsp;   now with promotion of social economy, living standards slowly improve, some time ago I bought a new House, but also moving company moving old furniture in the House. During the encounter some minor issues, but moving experience after which you will not be any problem.
&Nbsp;   sorting through items when packing may cause damage in the box, be careful not to put too much too full. Packed boxes easily deformed. In addition, the stack of boxes may collapse due to imbalance, which is very dangerous. For example, do not usually use began to organize. Which do not usually use boxed. Out of season clothes, are not used for food or decorations. So don't all mixed boxing room is better. Boxed arrangement of a room at a time. Will forget something in the box. Big Zoom box. Heavy objects like books, heavy box. Porcelain, if loaded large boxes when handling will be very hard, it fit into a small box. Make sure that the name and room number marked on the outside of the box of the new House. Name of the object callouts out of the carton. After packing is complete. In the box moves, packing do not have gaps. If there are gaps in the box. And cause breakage. If you don't watch out there are gaps, to newspapers as a buffer for fixed items in the box.
&Nbsp;   sometimes ask experienced moving friends, can effectively help you to more easily move, after all, no investigation, no right to speak. Wealth of experience will be able to offer the best move.
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