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&Nbsp;   are families always moved by moving company telephone, impact on the children invited by the siming district family planning departments, well-known teachings to impart scientific knowledge before Dr Zhao Xianbin, an expert. Zhao Xianbin noted that the crux of the very young years is caused by a sense of order times, absolutely secure environment, help create child ordered to.
&Nbsp;   Zhao Xianbin said, makes children develop good habits, parents first of all, I have to have good habits. For example, parents always place the remote control in a box, children will naturally get into the habit if parents about remote control, kids will miss. She stressed that parents firmly repeated good actions, such as schedule on time, baby learning, tasks and more orderly, easy to concentrate. Her initiative, when children were 0-3, not usually by moving company moving, even furnishings don't change, it helps to make the child's sense of order.
&Nbsp;   Zhao Xianbin also pointed out that telling stories to children should lead and tell a true story, when children have understanding of real world and fairy tales again, lest children familiar with clutter of the real world.
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