Migrants move

transport of personal belongings and exit introduction


the selected port->-> packaging-> booking-> delivery selection shipping schedules (or arrange for home delivery)-> customs-> pay-> taking-> port of delivery of Bill of lading


1, the items must have a package:

a, appliances, pianos, furniture, ceramics, arts and crafts, such as bias or precious, breakable such goods are to be packed

b, daily necessities, books and other light items available cartons

c, packaging, do the following:

a, making marks: "full name, telephone number, and the destination port" printed on a piece of white paper as shipping marks and numbers number and put in prison in the packaging surface.

b, the sequence number list box containing all of the items set out in detail.

c, record the length, width and height of each box to facilitate calculation of volume, as a basis for pay, and end with warehouse

feet proved to be accurate.

2, booking and customs declaration please bring the following documents:

a and if you emigrate: Please bring passport, immigration papers, goods inventories, estimation of volume and weight list

b, if you are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau residents: Please bring MTP (or residence), proof of study or work, a new purchase invoice, list, list of weight and estimated volume

c, if you are a foreigner: Please bring your passport or a copy of, a new purchase invoice, proof of departure level (original) list, and a list of estimated weight volume

d, please fill in the booking (★ must provide accurate contact details of destination, to write the full freight on the power of Attorney, for subsequent confirmation)

3, pay, take the Bill of lading

date of shipment transfer day fee, take the Bill of lading, electronic lodgement of passport or documents taken away

4, port of delivery

when the ship to the port of destination, the local agent will notify you and your agent information can be shown on the Bill of lading, the ship will be here to acquaint the information Division to Hong Kong.

port of destination customs passport must be consistent with departure customs passport and carry a list of English goods.

5, note

a, to Australia, Canada and the United States, and New Zealand wooden boxes and wood packaging fumigation and quarantine formalities necessary items

b, the following items must not carry out

a, counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities

b, on China's political, economic, cultural and moral harm of prints and manuscripts relating to State secrets, film photos

film, tapes, etc.

c the relics and precious cultural relics and the stop

d, endangered and rare animals, plants (specimen) and its seed and propagating material.

6, the following items are time limited

a, not more than 50 grams of gold and silver products

b, alcohol and tobacco must not exceed their own use reasonable quantities (1-2 box).

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